Go team Orange!– Fast Draft

For the past 14 days I have been participating in FastDraft through the Romance Divas.  In the past, I had trouble, perhaps because I was setting the bar too high so this time, I set it lower, and these are the things that I learned through the whole process of it:

1. I can write 5 pages a day.  At first I thought I’d have a hard time but it wasn’t as bad as I expected and I managed to push out 5 pages or more every day, expect one.  Overall, I’m fairly pleased.  I am now at 76k, just 4k away from my goal of 80k.

2. The words flow easier at work, in my cubicle.  Maybe it has something to do with less distractions… although I’m always distracted when people walk by.

3. I expected my words to not be polished and the sentences perfect… because the purpose of FastDraft is to just get those words out and to not think… I’m surprised my OCD didn’t kick in too badly.

4. I was able to plot on my feet.  And though I hit a few snags, I was able to keep the momentum going.

5.  Next time, I’m going to push myself for 10 pages a day.

6. I’m going to continue.  I know I can do it, write 5 pages a day.  But if I have a bad day and the words just aren’t coming, I won’t force it either.

Thanks goes to Bria who organized it all.

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