Nanowrimo Update and comp talk

Well, it’s been over a week of Nanoing so far.  Day 9 ended off at 31k after a fight with my computer. The computer has been malfunctioning a lot lately where some days I just can’t get it started.  Friday was one of those days in which it boots up fine.  Ok, great, I think.  No fighting with it and I can get writing done.  But… oh no it couldn’t be that easy.  It needs to be rebooted. So i reboot it… and it yes, dies. Doesn’t turn on despite my multiple attempts. All night. All morning. Bring it to Staples on Sat. Tec dude isn’t in but a guy looks at it anyway. It doesn’t work. Great. Now they see what’s what. Check monitor… the monitor is fine. It’s either the video card or something else… something may have melted… or I don’t know. And he’s not sure.  It turns on. It shuts off. Doesn’t even make it to the boot up stage. Either way, he says bring it in monday. If it reloads… which it did when I got home (it’s random when it does) to save all my stuff. 50/50 chance for its survival. He told me to look up some download called biomass or something…because when it first froze and died it could be something to do with a download that went bad. Um. ok. But if it’s the chip or something else, he said it’s probably not worth it to fix it. I don’t even know if I’m still on warranty. I don’t think so. So I may need to buy a new one… but am holding off on bringing it in until I’m done Nano and I have money.  I don’t get paid for another 5 days. 

Any recommendations on a good computer?  Laptop vs desktop (take into consideration that I don’t have a table, haha).

I was looking at those mini laptop’s that were about $300-$400… but not I’m sure if they are ok. I just need something to write on and go on the net. I don’t play games or anything like that. What are your choices?  What computer do you love and can’t live without?

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