Don’t you love it when you find yourself struggling with words one moment, maybe all day, and then all of a sudden WHAM, it’s like you’re hit by the word fairy and all of a sudden you’re zipping through pages?  It’s been that kind of a day for me.  All day I struggled with a scene and whose POV it should be in and what should be happening.  If you know me, you know that I can’t plot.  I don’t plot things out before I write, that is.  I write as I go which can be difficult at times.  Today was one of those times.  So as I grew more and more frustrated, I procrastinated. I couldn’t say what finally clicked.  All I know is that I forced myself to write, to get those words down on paper because you can’t edit nothing and with the help of the word challenges in the RD chatroom, I managed to get over 1.5k words written within a couple of hours.  It’s a great feeling, to break that barrier, because doubts are a sticky tangled web.

Below is a little vid I found that I thought was amusing about procrastination because it rings a little too true for me.

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