Thursday Thirteen: 13 things I should be doing…

My net fizzled so because I’m expecting it to be not alive when I get home, I’m at work, writing up a thursday thirteen about things I should be doing without the distractions of the net available at my fingertips. 

(ETA, net came back but I’m still going to use this)

13 things I should/could be doing:

13. Cooking and baking.  I’ve been craving poutines lately and sweet & sour (with a bit of honey garlic) stirfries (not together) so I could be making those for supper instead of KD or perogies.  I’ve also been wanting to make peach/blueberry cobbler or just plain fruit crisp.

12. Painting.  I owe my grandma a painting but I need to buy more acrylic paint and to do so, I must travel.  Excuses, excuses…

11. Clean the apartment.  But who wants to?

10. Go for a walk.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I already walk 15 mins home each day, I probably would.  I haven’t really explored my new neighbourhood yet.  I seem to just want to get home and stay in.

9. Exercise.  For me, this rates up there with cleaning.  It’s one of those ugh things. 

8. Build hedgie a new playpen.  Her cage isn’t all that big but she doesn’t seem bothered.  In fact, everytime she’s out, she heads straight for it again.  Prolly warmer in there with the heating pad.

7.  Do a few critiques/betas.  I’ve been doing this on the bus ride but only the way home it isn’t enough time to get anywhere really.

6. The art of letter writing has become lost through email.  I haven’t written a letter in awhile now.  I really owe some… especially to my grandma.

5. Re-learn french.  I used to be bilingual.  All the way up to University.  But six (seven?) years later and it’s gone now aside from a few sentences/words.  I also wanted to learn latin and be able to read hieroglyphs. 

4. Take pictures.  I used to love taking pics.  Of anything and everything.  I haven’t in awhile.  I could do a hedgie photoshoot… but last time she got grumpy. 

3. Research.  I have books that I need to go through.  Books that will make my brain happy.  I just haven’t gotten around to seriously cracking them open.  The geek in me is crying that this is the truth.

2.  Read.   

1. Write because I’m so behind.  I completely procrastinated on wed and wrote 0.  Someone, kick me.  I need to write.  I do.

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  1. Here’s a boot in the tush for ya!


    Get writing!

    I’m going to do the same, right now! Let’s skip and hold hands!


    Happy TT!

  2. Wow! That’s a busy list.

  3. I’m tired just reading you list. I think I’ll take a nap LOL Happy T13!

  4. I don’t like cleaning, so if you think I’d kick you so you’d clean, think again. Um, unless you want to come and do mine. That would be worth a kick 😉

  5. I’m not much for cleaning, but I do love to exercise! LOL!


    My TT is at

  6. I took French in college (MANY years ago) and I’ve always said I would relearn it, but so far I haven’t. LOL Maybe someday. Happy Thursday!

  7. Scary how many of those could go on my own list. At least I have rain and snow as an excuse why I haven’t been out walking or taking pictures. 😉

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