Thursday Thirteen

13 of my most vivid memories from childhood:

100_09791. The green carpet.  At the old house on Government Road, we had green carpet.  I had a small case someone gave me full of little beads to make necklaces with and without fail, I would always drop them all… spilling them everywhere and do you think we could ever find them all?  oh no.

2. Learning about gravity.  I used to jump up and try to stay in the air.  I was little and weird… and stubborn.

3. Our cat Puss-Puss (sshhhh peanut gallery! LOL) who had kittens but one batch it didn’t go well and my dad had to help her out.  They were in the bathroom I believe…

4. Mixing toothpaste and water in my little plastic toy bowls because I was convinced it was some cure all.  I used to hide the dishes in this plastic Sesame Street oven.

5. A storm blew a nest of barnswallows onto the lawn.  My dad didn’t realize it when he was cutting the lawn.  Luckily he found one and hedscn1800 brought it in for us to take care of.  She slept in a box in my room the first night.  I remember the next morning, being so excited that I woke early and took her out to play with her and how she messed my nice blankets.  But I remember cutting up worms and grasshoppers and feeding them to her and getting her to drink with an eyedropper.  When she started to fly, she’d go from shoulder to shoulder.  Then we painted one summer.  Though we kept the cage outside during the day, only bringing her in at night, she got sick. 😦

6. I remember not being able to sleep at the hospital.  My mom would always be in the playroom sleeping and one night, I didn’t know where she was so I started wandering the halls.  I got caught of course and the nurse gave me a stern lecture about staying in bed.

I never listened.

7. The bright pink wheelchair when I left the hospital in grade one for the hip surgery where they pinned my hip in place.  That chair had a broken wheel and kept going into the wall.  My dad bought me my first frozen yogurt from the cafeteria.  It was raspberry… Mmmm.  I had to stay off my leg for the whole summer… I refused to use the walker or the sling to keep my leg up.  I’d hop on one foot where ever I had to (parents swear to it that I jumped faster than my brother ran… but he was younger so eh.)

8. The train ride.  Very first one headed to Northbay to get my tonsils out.  I had Michaelangelo the orange teenage mutant ninja turtle with me. My one toy.

9. Waking up and wandering the halls at the hospital a bit after I got my tonsils out and went to the playroom to look at hte toys while eating a banana popsicle (not sure where I got that…)

dscn130510. For one of the surgeries, I’m thinking for my leg but not sure, I remember playing with this water toy maze game right before they were about to wheel me into the surgery room… and then going in there and seeing the doctors and the sharp utensils and freaking.

11. Turning toonies into a little plasticine alien with antennae and googly eyes and giving them to my brother from the ‘toothfairy’.  I was almost caught once when my mother was going up stairs to put money under his pillow. hehe.

12. My first cake I made.  Oh it was a horrible mess. My brother and I wanted to make an anniversary cake for my parents. It was supposed to be a chocolate cake.  My aunt got my parents out of the house so the two of us went about doing this.  Well… the cake was lumpy and turned out puddingish… and… the icing was… thin and watery. We tried to disgdscn1291uise our failure by placing blueberries on it. hahaha… they rolled off.

13. One last memory is camping.  Every September at the Barrie Automotive Fleamarket.  My parents go every year because my dad gets parts there for his projects.  I remember the donkey… at 5am every morning.  And how my favourite song was the purple people eater.  Good times of bonfires and such.

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  1. What a brilliant topic! And what remarkable memories – it’s funny how some of these things stay with us, long after we’ve grown up, huh?

    Thanks for sharing those. 🙂

    Happy TT!


  2. Awesome memories, Mel. I love these. Why is it that we remember the carpet from childhood? Ours was brown. Ironically enough, one of the reasons I loved the house the Redneck and I bought was the brown carpet.

  3. Interesting TT!


    My TT is at

  4. I remember my godfather letting me sit on his lap and steer while he sang Rubber Dolly and playing house at my wooden kitchen and dreaming of being a mommy.

    Fun list!

  5. Interesting topic, Mel – you obviously have very strong memories!

  6. Nice to have good memories. Treasure them. Happy T13!

  7. I love your learning about gravity memory. I remember being a kid, inspired by Peter Pan, and thinking at times if I just believed hard enough, just tried hard enough, it would come true. 🙂

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