This week in Science

It’s wednesday, and that means Science. 🙂  I’m a self-proclaimed geek, I admit it.  But I always find ideas to write in these things.

First up this week, a  mini dinosaur was discovered by Canadian scientists. Hesperonychus is currently the smallest dinosaur known from North America, about half the size of a domestic cat and most likely hunted and ate whatever it could considering its size.

Also in the news of forensics, a new method has been developed to date time of death of a corpse that had not occurred under controlled natural conditions. 

In the news of electronics (or spies hehe), a new flexible wireless ultra-thin chip was developed, that can be embedded for weable electronics.

The last article of the week has to do with the treatment of peanut allergies that has shown promise.  This has been a big thing lately on the news so I thought I’d post a link here to a little information on this treatment.

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