Excerpt Monday


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  1. YAY!I definitely want to read more! Seriously nice piece – it made me want to know more about the characters – always a good thing 🙂

    Ok, I’m off to post chapter one myself.

  2. This is a very fun idea! I’m tagging along and posting an excerpt on my blog, too.

    This section is great, Mel, full of tension and little details that make the reader feel very engaged and present in the scene. I’m totally intrigued!

  3. Great excerpt, Mel. I’d definitely read more. Love those bad boys. 😉

    Mine’s up too: over here.

  4. Mel, I really like how you’re showing the differences between J.C. and Amy with their actions/dialogue instead of telling us. You’ve got me intrigued with your characters and interested in reading more.

    Okay…off to post an excerpt of my own!

  5. Very nice excerpt. I like the play between them and how he’s uncomfortable with the dancing. My excerpt is up if you’d like to come by.

    • Thanks Jamie. It was interesting to write because it was so different. He’s an agent. He was trained to be physical but he’s never danced and I thought that entirely too cute. 🙂

  6. I love bad boys too. Great opener. I want to know more about your characters!

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