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Thursday Thirteen: 13 interesting photos… if not somewhat disturbed

According to the email I received in my box the other day, it was International Disturbed People Day.  What I was amused with the most about the email was the pictures.  I don’t know where the pictures come from, but I thought I’d share some for my Thursday 13.

1. apple12

2.   apple3

3. bars

4. bread

5. face

6. foot

7. hand

8. lemon

9. orangepeel

10. sheep

11. watermelon2

12. orange

13. watermelon


This Week in Science

It’s been another busy week, but I have a bit of time to quickly post some interesting stories I’ve found over the week.

With the swine flu in the news lately, I thought this article was cool about the key structural features of the largest known virus, that scientists hope will help give us an understanding of how the simplest life evolved. It is called the mimivirus or a possible “missing link” between viruses and living cells.

Another article of interest talks about the new design strategy for brain implants for deep-brain stimulation (I say that in with plot ideas in mind).

Apparently there’s a difference in the way people hear dangerous noises.  In this article it talks about how scrawnier people are more likely to perceive a sound as closer than it actually is. 

Curious about the evolution of human sex roles?  Check out this article.

Scientists have also created a fluorescent puppy.  I’m not sure how I feel about this, but here you go… check it out.  Thoughts?

Thursday 13: 13 little pieces of information about CSI

detective2Before CSI became a thing, I was the one in highschool who used to take out forensic books in the library, filling notebooks up with information that I figured one day I would use in my books.  I haven’t yet, but that doesn’t mean I won’t later on.  I decided to crack open those notebooks and thought for this thursday thirteen, I would pull out 13 random things I thought was interesting.

1. Tunial capsules- bluish and red.  They are very soluble in water and alcohol.  Tunial is a central nervous system depressant and in ordinary doses the drug can act as a hypnotic.  It takes affect in 15-30 mins and can last up to eleven hours.

2. You can get a fingerprint off a person’s skin for up to 90 mins.

3. Need to figure out how tall a person was or approximately the weight by their bones?  I have formulas to determine that.

4. Descriptions of the 6 kinds of serial killers.

5. Figuring out time of death through various techniques. (temp, bugs, etc). Bugs can also give clues about drugs (i.e. if the body had cocaine, there were be some in the bugs as well).

6.  75% of victims can be identified by their dental records.  Teeth can pinpoint race, age, lifestyle, diet and sometimes occupation.

7. When glass breaks, the glass showers toward the force, not away from it.

8. The point of blood splatter can indicate the direction in which the blood was moving.  Round drops for instance, on the ground means the person was standing and not moving.

9. Most people are secretors, that means that their blood type is present in their body fluids.  If the police find a cigarette or sweat stained hat, the crime lab can identify the suspect’s blood type.

10. Hair grows about a half an inch per month.  From a strand of hair, the crime lab can determine whether it comes from a human or animal, the ethnicity of the person, whether the hair fell out or was pulled out, if the person was taking drugs, if the person has a disease, what part of the body the hair comes from, whether it’s real or from a wig, and whether hair has been dyed  or bleached.

11. To speak even one word requires work of the vocal cords, palate, tongue, teeth, lips, nose, sinuses, and throat and jaw muscles.  Even when a person disguises his voice, it does not change the way those muscles work and it cannot fool a voiceprint.

12. One expert figured that the circumstances of 2 people having the same fingerprints would happen only once in 466,037,700 years.

13. There are 3 types of prints: visible which are easily seen by the naked eye (i.e. a person who has dirt, blood or grease on his fingers and leaves visible prints), plastic which are those that leave an impression (i.e. in paint, glue or another pliable substance) and latent which are invisible (i.e. formed when perspiration and oils are secreted from small pores in the ridges of the fingerprint).

This Week in Science

First off, I was bad last week and missed the wed line-up of science news.  I apologize for that.  Life has gotten a bit hectic lately with the job and writing deadlines and whatnot.   Secondly, happy Earth day!  What tips are you using to help the Earth?

Ok, so there’s been a lot going on.  Here are just some of it:

Ever wonder the secret to night vision?  This article has the answers that are sure to be not only helpful but intriguing.

In this article, it talks about how blood cells can be reprogrammed to act as Embryonic Stem cells.

Ever heard of a humanized mouse? I haven’t.  In this article, the mouse (a chimera with a human imune system) was infected with HIV, allowing scientists to study it (not entirely sure what I think about this).

In this last one, we look at how the brain translates memory into action.

Don’t forget…

Don’t forget, it’s excerpt Monday.  Stop by for a small piece of writing by not only me but Bria and others.  Join us.  Just post on your blog and link us and we’ll link you right back.

Thursday Thirteen: 13 writing tones

I was in the Acer chat last night and Bria brought up a ‘What tone you write’ kind of a fill in the blank thing.  So I thought I’d write some tones I think my writing/book falls under for fun in this week’s Thursday Thirteen.

My writing tone is ______

1 Dark.  First thing that comes to mind, I think is dark because there’s death and torment.  The characters have gone through a lot before the story has even begun, and not all of it is good.

2 Tense. Or I hope that I can get that across.  There’s supposed to be some tension of ‘whodunnit’ and what happens next.

3 Sexy.  Or at least I hope somewhat.  There’s romance.  I want what’s between the two main chars to be hot and sizzle off the page.

4 Intrigue.  That, oooh what’s next and what’s happening kind that leaves you turning t-shirt-although-the-voices-are-not-real-they-have-some-pretty-good-ideas-756604pages to find out what happens.

5 A chameleon. I think that my writing is adaptable.

6 Serious.  It deals with heavy matter that isn’t always comforting because it’s the environment that my chars grew up in.  They wouldn’t be who they are now if they didn’t go through certain life changing events.

7 Sarcastic.  Or at least at times it can be.  I’ve always been told I’m sarcastic and I think that comes across through my chars.

8 Dramatic.  Not something I really want in my writing and I’m editing it… but I feel it there.

9 A bit playful.  There’s a few scenes where the chars are playful which I hope lightens the story a bit.

10 Callous.  Or at least a few chars I know are.

11 Crazy.  Or maybe that’s just me. :p

12 Whimsical.  Everything is just a little bit odd… no one who they seem.  Everyone has a secret or two.

13 Complex.  There’s so many different story lines, so many elements that it leads to one complicated mess.

What are your writing tones?

This Week in Science

I’m a bit late today but first up this week is an article about Brains vs computers in which the writer believes in within a few years the computers will out-think humans.

Is there such thing as love at first sight?  Read here to find out more.

In this article, footshaped structures have been found in the Jordan Valley.  The site is said to date back to the Iron Age.

Ever wanted to know which line the sponge descended from? It’s not ours!

Diva Release!

Consort by Kim Knox

November Eve. The Hunt Ball. And to prove her right to rule, Tate must capture a mate. It should’ve been simple. Snag a vampire barely turned and have him kneel and swear devotion to her. But Fate has other plans…and one of them involves the powerful son of the ruling Queen.

Jager, a vampire she’s hungered after for years, allows himself to become her prey. But with his promise of sinful, wicked pleasure comes a catch. Jager only wants her as his slave. Nothing more.

Tate has no plans to bow down to him…until Jager shares a shocking truth with her. Suddenly Fate is playing hardball.

There’s a naughty excerpt here and you can buy it here

Thursday Thirteen: 13 things I’m looking forward to

Mine’s pretty blah today, mostly cause I’m doing it up right now very quickly but, mine’s on the 13 things I currently am anxious/can’t wait for.

1. The toronto romance writers chapter meeting in a few weeks.  It’s a bit pathetic but it’s one of the only times I go out and do something on weekends that’s fun, for me.

2. That being said, the DC conference in July.  Nervous as heck, but excited to meet so many new people.  I’ll be the shy one not talking… guaranteed. LOL. 

3.  Finding out if I get this new job. 

4. Sending in my 3 lines for the contest (never entered a contest before…)

5. Finally saying that I finished a novel.  It’s in its final stages of editing… but by May 1st I want to say that it’s DONE and move on to book two.

6. Seeing my aunt and uncle next thurs.  Yay.  They’ll only be passing through really but still.  It’s been awhile.

7. Moving on to the next book to read.  Not that the one I’m currently reading is bad, but it’s just different.  It has little characterization and tells 3/4 of the way through, explaining every little thing, like, ‘telling through dialogue about old furniture’ when it could easily be shown.  Little things… but it still pulls the reader out.

8.  Tomorrow.  It’s my day off.  Which means sleeping in. 🙂  I’m a zombie right now, cause of a bad night of continuously waking up and getting no real sleep, so this is one thing I’m REALLY looking forward to.  Heh.

9. Getting my hair done before I go up to DC in July.  Hah.  I haven’t gotten it done since the summer so it needs to be touched up.  I don’t have enough money to do anything right now other than try and dye it myself.  Which I did… earlier this month but it turned out redder than I expected and doesn’t quite suite me so I need it to grow out.

10. Going home for a week in Aug to spend time with the fam.  I talk every day pretty much for a bit to my mom on msn and I do call home, but it’s not the same.  I want to spend time on the farm, with the dog and my parents… and be able to walk to the lake and pick strawberries…

11. Warm weather.  It’s still quite cool out.  I don’t mind the rain, I love it.  But cold rain no.  And the fact that it snowed a bit last week?  No… go away.  But at least we don’t have snow on the ground like my parents… they’re still getting snow storms some days.

12. Subway.  LOL. I know that it’s completetly ridiculous but I’m craving Subway… so I decided that on the way home, I’d pick up a sub or something. 

13. Paying off my visa… ok I have about one more paycheque to be put in… well two I guess.  That means I can start saving again and putting money in my RRSP again… or put it toward the student loans- boo- to help pay them off faster.

This Week in Science

Happy April Fools! 

It’s been a busy week, I almost wasn’t able to do this week’s, but I’m quickly going to jot it out because come on, who doesn’t want to learn more about what’s going on in the science world?  I know it’s something I get excited about, because it means more story ideas. 🙂

The first article this week is about how the brain responds to viral infection.  It may not seem all that interesting, but as someone who has always been curious about viruses, this article caught my attention.

Also, researchers are helping to save a rare venomous mammal that is shrew-like and kills its prety with a venomous bite.

Something of complete interest to me is Egyptology and this article jumped out at me right away.  A CT scan has revealed a hidden face underneath the bust of Nefertiti.

This last one I’m going to post is a bit weird and almost sci-fi-ish.  It has to do with a yeast-powered fuel cells that feeds on human blood which is thought one day to maybe power implants such as pacemakers.