This Week in Science

First off, I was bad last week and missed the wed line-up of science news.  I apologize for that.  Life has gotten a bit hectic lately with the job and writing deadlines and whatnot.   Secondly, happy Earth day!  What tips are you using to help the Earth?

Ok, so there’s been a lot going on.  Here are just some of it:

Ever wonder the secret to night vision?  This article has the answers that are sure to be not only helpful but intriguing.

In this article, it talks about how blood cells can be reprogrammed to act as Embryonic Stem cells.

Ever heard of a humanized mouse? I haven’t.  In this article, the mouse (a chimera with a human imune system) was infected with HIV, allowing scientists to study it (not entirely sure what I think about this).

In this last one, we look at how the brain translates memory into action.


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