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Thursday Thirteen: 13 Reasons I Love My Mom

i_love_my_momIn public school, we had a poem contest for Mother’s Day.  I remember sitting at that table, not knowing what to write.  I can’t write poetry.  Never could.  So what I came up with was a poem about what makes a mom a mom essentially and I remember how simple some of the things on there were.  To make the story short, I won and my poem was to be put in the newspaper.  They called my mom and she was to come down where we would get our pictures taken with me holding up this poem.  They gave my mom flowers and all that.  That list has changed over the years.  It isn’t simply ‘having food on the table when I get home’ anymore and whatnot.  So I thought I’d do my Thursday Thirteen in honour of Mother’s Day and list everything I love about my mom.

1. She loves my brother and I.  No matter what we do, what mistakes we make, she loves us.

2. There’s definitely a food thing, because as someone once called her, she’s a ‘Kitchen Goddess’.  And it’s through her that I’ve learned to love to bake.  I never took advantage of learning when I was younger from her, but I love going home now and baking with her (even if she insists that only she can touch her stove).

3. She mails me random things just because she thinks I need it.  Not too long ago, I remember her calling, telling me to expect a care package, just because she found something that she thought I could make use of because I was always cold in my apartment.  Turns out she’d bought me a Snuggie or whatever it’s called and sent it.  She’s always thinking about us.

4. She’s there when I need to talk.  No matter what the problem, I know I can go to her.

5. She’s always around.  Even though I’m 8 hours from home, she’s online on yahoo or msn.  And she understands that I’m often busy writing.

6. She encourages me to write and always asks how it’s going.  She shows an interest in what I’m doing and I know that no matter what I write or how it turns out, she’ll be there supporting me.  Although I still think that I’d have to black out certain scenes… it’d just be weird having her read intimate scenes I’ve written.

7.  She’s kind.  Not just asking how my friends are but with animals.  She loves her ducks.  Every year we get a few ducks at the farm when the field turns into a small mini lake.

8. She buys me books.  LOL.  At Christmas she knows to give me books and does a good job of choosing ones I’d like.  In fact, she was the one who chose my first real romance book.  Of course, she didn’t realize it at the time.

9. She gets nervous when there’s something important in my life going on.  Last summer I went to get my G2 and she apparently spent the whole morning pacing and whatnot until I got back.  It’s just one of the little things that lets me know she cares.

10. I don’t know how she does it, but she’s great with flowers. I definitely didn’t get a green thumb from her.  She does a lot to the farm to make it warm and comfortable.

11. Just as she can support, she can put me in line if I need it and she’ll tell me.

12. If I ever need an update of a show, I know to go to her. haha.  Even with shows I don’t watch.  I’ll find out what’s going on in them.

13. Hugs and more hugs.  Need I say more?


This Week in Science

I’m late with this so I apologize.  It’s my last week at the position I’m in at work so I’m tying up loose ends likes crazy before  I move over to the new job.  But, that doesn’t mean that nothing has happened in this crazy world and the first thing I found that I thought was weird… but interesting in a ‘whattheheck’ kind of way is this article about a printer that is supposed to print skin tissue.  Another issue raised and I’m sure if you’ve been listening to the news, you’ve also heard about the gunshot survivor who is the first to receive a face transplant.