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The Twitterbug and the publishing business

The world is changing with all of the new networking strategies going around.  Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or any other of the others, it’s also changing the way in which authors promote their books.  Twitter has become not just a way for publishers to talk to the readers, but a way to hook them and gain readership. Imagine coming to Twitter to watch the interaction among characters of your favourite author?  Though it may not be ideal for some, others, those dedicated fans who can’t wait until the next book comes out, may enjoy reading these tantalizing snippets from characters themselves.

Take YA author Jennifer Banash, for instance has created 3 microblogs on Twitter for three of her characters.  These characters interact with one another, even making reference to the read world.  Not only from authors, publishers are also finding use for Twitter by highlighting their frontlists.  Among these publishers are Bantam, Random House and even Thompson Nelson.  It’s a great way for those in the publishing world to get out there and interact with the readers, talking about the books and the writers.

Would you do it?  What other ways do you promote your book and characters?  Writing groups?  Character based blogs?  Do you create facebook accounts for your characters?  What line is too far?

Are you a twittering?



Dissection of the book…

There are many types of readers. Those who re-read, over and over again, liking the way the indentations in the spine and dog-eared pages indicate a book that was enjoyed. And then there are those (me included) who cringe whenever a book spine is broken or someone dog-ears a page. Some books have earned those battle scars over the years, I will not lie. I’ve even thought of going out to buy another copy, just so that one copy is the one I can read and do whatever to and the other can sit there looking all pretty on my shelf… but I know that will earn an even greater uproar over the ever-increasing mass of books invading my room from my boyfriend who doesn’t particularly share the same opinion as me of having my own personal library of books…

However, I will concede that Brian Dettmer, is a freaking genius and even I would put one of his ‘book autopsies’ on a shelf in admiration because his art is awesome. However, not everyone shares that opinion. Check it out and you tell me, is it a waste of a good book or is it an extremely creative, powerful way to express oneself?