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A new resolution…

dscn1852I’ve always been a dabbler.  From painting to baking and yes… even in writing at times, dabbling here and there to see what works best.  This weekend will be no exception.  There is something about painting that I enjoy.  I am not one of those who can sit and paint for hours.  No, I’m a dabbler in the sense that I do 30-1 hr sessions, either on the floor painting or on the couch.  I’m not fancy, but I do feel that there is more of a creative pull than there would be if I were sitting at a table.  It isn’t something I can explain. I haven’t always painted.  I really began only in highschool in grade 13 art class when we were allowed to do whatever we wanted and even after, I stopped doing much painting.  At xmas, however, I took it up again and realized just how much I had missed it when I painted my mom this picture (she’d been after me for years to paint her something).

I decided that this year, I would set time to paint more.  Now I just need to figure out what exactly.  Any suggestions?  I do better with scenery… hmm… I’m thinking a mountainous scene this time but I guess I’ll figure it out!


Thursday Thirteen– 13 cool things done with paper

I’m in awe… I have no idea how this guy does it but the art he does with paper is really cool. All of this is done by a guy by the name of Peter Callesen who manages to take simple semi-cuts out of paper and turn them into true works of art. He makes origami look like an ordinary thing. Peter can do more with a piece of A4 paper and some imagination than I could ever hope to do with unlimited supplies and some art school. Using only a little bit of glue, he creates work that literally pops off the paper.

1. walking snail

2. Closet

3. Impenetrable castle

4. Half way through

5. Distant Wish

6. Tall tower of Babel

7. The outline of a skeleton

8. Holding on to myself

9. The lost sheep

10. Do not enter.

11. white hand

12. Bound to be free

13 Mirage II

To see more of his art, check out his site

Dissection of the book…

There are many types of readers. Those who re-read, over and over again, liking the way the indentations in the spine and dog-eared pages indicate a book that was enjoyed. And then there are those (me included) who cringe whenever a book spine is broken or someone dog-ears a page. Some books have earned those battle scars over the years, I will not lie. I’ve even thought of going out to buy another copy, just so that one copy is the one I can read and do whatever to and the other can sit there looking all pretty on my shelf… but I know that will earn an even greater uproar over the ever-increasing mass of books invading my room from my boyfriend who doesn’t particularly share the same opinion as me of having my own personal library of books…

However, I will concede that Brian Dettmer, is a freaking genius and even I would put one of his ‘book autopsies’ on a shelf in admiration because his art is awesome. However, not everyone shares that opinion. Check it out and you tell me, is it a waste of a good book or is it an extremely creative, powerful way to express oneself?