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Thursday Thirteen– 13 things I want to do in the next 25 yrs

Today’s Thursday 13 is a bit different today because today, I have lived 9132 days, making me 25 years old. I also share my birthday with Eddie “Rochester” Anderson (1905), Greta Garbo (1905), June Foray (1920), Jack Warden (1920), Robert Blake (1933), Frankie Avalon (1939), Ryne Sandberg (1959), James Gandolfini (1961), Lance Armstrong (1971) and Jada Pinkett Smith (1971).

It was during 1983 that Cabbage Patch Kids, Rainbowbrite and the Nintendo Entertainment system became hot toys; and Family Ties, Dallas, Magnum P.I., Knight Rider, Cheers and Remington Steele were on television.

25 years has passed.  From being born with a dislocated hip, which resulted in me going back and forth to Sick Kids every six weeks as a guinea pig/case study for cast after body cast in order to work the joint and having my hip broken then pinned in the proper place in grade one and not being allowed to put weight on it for entire summer.  From graduating highschool and then University with a joint-major degree in Anthropology and Biology and then college in the Book and Magazine Publishing course.  And now… to where I am at McGraw momentarily on contract as an Editorial Assistant in Higher Ed, I feel as though I have changed a lot in these 9132 days.  My Thursday thirteen is about things I want to accomplish in the next 25 years.

1. Publish.  That’s a big duh.  I’ve written since I was in public school.  One personal small goal is to have Fatal Visions out on the market for agents/publishers by next year.

2. Get married.  I want it all… kids, farm, dog, cat… hedgehog. I just need to find the right guy.

3. As written above already, kids.  I want kids.  3.  I’ve wanted them since I graduated highschool but was too young. 

4. A house that is mine.  Preferably on a farm because I love the country life and couldn’t stand it to live in the city for long.  It’s too distracting.  Too restless.  I like the quiet and the sense of having all day to get something done.

5. Good health.  So far I’ve been lucky.  But not only for me.  For family and friends as well.

6. A permanent, full time job.  I’m only on contract right now which makes things hectic come every 6 months or so.  I want something that I don’t have to  worry about, at least for awhile.

7. Travel.  My friend and I have already said that we want to go tour around Ireland and Scotland (hot accents…. Mmmm…) but I’d also want to go to Egypt and wherever else my journeys may take me.

8. Education.  I want to continue learning throughout my life.  I don’t just want to stop because I have degrees and whatnot.  I want to take more courses in Forensic Anthropology and Paleopathology.  I want to take Immunology, Virology, Ancient Civilizations; take cooking courses and learn sign language. 

9.  Work in a museum.  I love editing and where I am, but I want to be a curator as well.  I want to make up displays and learn all about the past and how we got here. 

10. Go on a dig.  In University I wanted to go on an archaeological dig but they were always so expensive.  For a summer or so, I’d like to go on a dig… to Greece, Belize… I’m not really all that fussy.

11. Paint.  I’ve always loved painting but I haven’t done much.  In the future, I want to paint again.

12. Take photography.  I know nothing about it, but I’ve always been curious and I used to love watching my friend in highschool develop pictures.

13.  Under the same thing, design.  I’d like to be able to design book covers… not just write or edit.