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Fast draft

I’m sick.  This cold has been going around.  Not only friends but co-workers are feeling under the weather, so it really wasn’t a far leap that i would get sick as well.  Oh I tried to steer it off course.  I took vitamin after vitamin, drank orange juice, ate oranges… even ate chicken noodle soup.

It started off with a sore throat but it progressed later to a stuffy nose, nauseousness, a weakness that makes you feel faint when you stand up and now, coughing.

But, c’est la vie.

Starting Monday is fast draft at the romance divas.  I signed up for five pages a day so wish me luck!  I haven’t had much luck in the past with doing these types of page commitments.  Nanowrimo I’m able to do, but not page counts.  I guess it’s because some days I write more than others, or I feel more motivated.  But the purpose is to get pages out, to finish this thing because I’m itching to start the second.  For some reason the characters are chatty lately.  I’ve been having some doubts with my plots in FV as of lately, which is stalling me but that won’t be able to matter come Monday.  Well, it’s a subplot, but it’s one that’s throughout all the books, the reason for them all existing and what they do… and I’m stalled.  I once knew, thought I knew… but it’s back to the drawing board.

So for the next fourteen days, I’ll be fast drafting!