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Thursday 13– 13 things about Moving

I’m moving this weekend so I thought I’d write about the things I’ve learned about moving this time round…(hopefully the last time in awhile…)

1.  Sometimes, you just have to go back and ask your parents and the family-cavalry for help… once again.

2. Moving makes people grumpy and have tantrums.

3. You will realize you’d bought way more stuff this round than you had the last move.  Seriously, where’d all these books come from?

4. It can make you realize just how big of a packrat you really are.  You will throw out a lot of stuff.  Bags full… of junk that were once upon a time thought to be important and useful for the future but were never touched.

5. You will search whatever hallway there is at work, even talk to warehouse individuals about giving you the boxes they don’t want then lug those awkward boxes around on the bus.

6. You will have to wonder about whether your apartment is in good shape or if the superintendent will want you to pay for damage .

7. There will be cleaning adn things will get lost.

8. Whereas it used to take only one bus to get work and home, it will now take 3.  Not because it’s farther but because the bus routes are shorter.

9. You will wonder where to pack certain more “personal” items from curious eyes.

10.  Maps will have to be printed to make sure that the proper directions are given to find the new place (yes… yes I’m that directionally challenged, even if the new place is just 12 mins away.  I need a GPS.  Thank you to my brother for printing out a map for my parents).

11. There will be boxes to be thrown at the end.  Tons and tons of boxes.

12. The process of unpacking will begin, though I actually kind of like this part.

13. In the end, it will be a new beginning.  A new place by myself for the first time ever.  Even when I was away at university, I had a roommate.  That’s kind of scary but exciting all at the same time.  24 and on my own… it will be interesting.