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Diva News: Romance Divas Historical Workshop!


Fast draft

I’m sick.  This cold has been going around.  Not only friends but co-workers are feeling under the weather, so it really wasn’t a far leap that i would get sick as well.  Oh I tried to steer it off course.  I took vitamin after vitamin, drank orange juice, ate oranges… even ate chicken noodle soup.

It started off with a sore throat but it progressed later to a stuffy nose, nauseousness, a weakness that makes you feel faint when you stand up and now, coughing.

But, c’est la vie.

Starting Monday is fast draft at the romance divas.  I signed up for five pages a day so wish me luck!  I haven’t had much luck in the past with doing these types of page commitments.  Nanowrimo I’m able to do, but not page counts.  I guess it’s because some days I write more than others, or I feel more motivated.  But the purpose is to get pages out, to finish this thing because I’m itching to start the second.  For some reason the characters are chatty lately.  I’ve been having some doubts with my plots in FV as of lately, which is stalling me but that won’t be able to matter come Monday.  Well, it’s a subplot, but it’s one that’s throughout all the books, the reason for them all existing and what they do… and I’m stalled.  I once knew, thought I knew… but it’s back to the drawing board.

So for the next fourteen days, I’ll be fast drafting!

Diva releases!

Song of The Sea full scale


Song of The Sea
by Cassandra Curtis
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-379-5 (Electronic)
Available September 14, 2008

Sequel to Amber Heat best-seller Shifting Tides: Beneath A Midnight Sea…


When a mafia don’s bride-to-be goes missing, Peter Varien is hired to find her. Varien, an ex-cop turned private eye, takes the job despite the warning bells going off in his head.

He manages to track down the missing woman to a nightclub in Memphis, where she’s belting out jazzy torch songs with the boys in the band. She’s every man’s desire, with a body born of sin and a voice that enthralls, putting men under a sexual spell.

But it’s a spell under which Peter is determined not to fall.

Vivilyn Ondine is having the time of her life, given the power over human men through the control she wields as a sea siren. She’s never fallen in love, never truly surrendered–until she meets the handsome private investigator.

Soon, Peter and Vivilyn are in a race against time, and must join forces to defeat a dangerous enemy who will stop at nothing, even murder, to capture Viv and force her to reveal the location of the magical pearl known as the Soul of The Sea.

Genres: Shapeshifter / Fantasy / Witchcraft / Magic / BDSM (Light) / Action / Adventure / Mystery / Detective / Romantic Comedy

Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (26k words)

To purchase go here:

Daringly DeliciousLook who’s “come” to Dareville!

Daringly Delicious – Leigh Ellwood

a new Dareville short from Phaze Books
Contemporary, BBW, Romantic Comedy

Only $2 eBook download!

Also available in the BBW print collection,
More, More, More! from Phaze Books

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When it comes to chocolate, Tish Richmond delivers the goods. Her home business, Tish’s Riches, is booming, and a new contract with Dareville’s popular grocery store allows her the opportunity to expand her reach. Happy as she should be for the exposure, Tish longs to stop her waistline from expanding further so love can reach her.

Gorgeous Vinnie comes to Dareville to work for his uncle’s limousine company. One look at Tish and he’s struck by the sexy, voluptuous entrepreneur. Can he convince Tish that the size of her dishes don’t matter to him, and will she let him satisfy his sweet tooth?

Read an Excerpt on The Romance Studio blog!

Kick A$$ Character Workshop… come join us at the Romance Divas

Kick A$$ Characters By Authors Who Know How To Kick A$$

September 12-13 at Romance Divas


Bob Mayer

Lori Avocato

Maggie Price

Lindsay McKenna

Barry Eisler

Linnea Sinclair

Larissa Ione

Merline Lovelace

Want to know how to write authentic action, suspense, law enforcement, and military romance? Ask authors who know firsthand! Romance Divas is hosting a 2-day workshop with some of the hottest names in the genre. It will take place at the Romance Diva Forum. All are welcome. To get access to the forum you will need to register by entering the site and clicking on Forum.