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Job interview jitters…

I don’t dare pretend that I like interviews.  I’m what you would call a trip-over-my-tongue-word-stumbler.  I blank.  I will admit I don’t prepare myself as wel as I should.  I work with the public in the fast food business (well until wed I do at elast… last day. YAY!)  I deal with people all the time, but slap an ‘interview’ tag onto it and that’s the end of it. 

And I have one tomorrow.  I’ve applied for a position that would be really good.  Experience-wise and career-wise.  From prepping and re-writing my resume and coverletter until I thought my eyes would bleed, and then walking to HR and getting over the nerves of handing it over, I waited.  And didn’t wait long.  From handing in my resume Friday afternoon at 2:30 to yesterday morning at 9:30, I’d already had a call from the interviewer  wanting to see me for an interview and for a copyediting test.  Crap… and did I mention I haven’t honed up on my copyediting yet?

I’m nervous.  ARGH!