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Scientific news this week at a glance

Modern feet step back 1.5 years in what researchers say is a 1.5 million year old footprint discovered in eastern Africa, showing that a human ancestor (either Homo erectus or Homo ergaster) had modern-looking feet and walked much like people do today.   You can read the full story here.  This just makes me little anthropological heart squee with excitement. 

From Science Daily (March 4, 2009)- Common marine sponge may provide super-antibiotics of the future.

Ok this one is just a guilty pleasure and a source of research.  It’s from News Scientist and it’s about the science behind the movie Watchmen and whether the abilities can be possible.

More news that makes the archaeologist in me happy is this article about a 3,500 year old pharaonic official’s tomb in Cairo.  The gomb is said to have been Amenhotep, the deputy seal-bearer for King Thutmoses III who ruled Egypt in the 18th Dynasty.  Although it was discovered in 1880, it got buried under sand until a Belgian team found it again this year.