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Thursday Thirteen– 13 cool things done with paper

I’m in awe… I have no idea how this guy does it but the art he does with paper is really cool. All of this is done by a guy by the name of Peter Callesen who manages to take simple semi-cuts out of paper and turn them into true works of art. He makes origami look like an ordinary thing. Peter can do more with a piece of A4 paper and some imagination than I could ever hope to do with unlimited supplies and some art school. Using only a little bit of glue, he creates work that literally pops off the paper.

1. walking snail

2. Closet

3. Impenetrable castle

4. Half way through

5. Distant Wish

6. Tall tower of Babel

7. The outline of a skeleton

8. Holding on to myself

9. The lost sheep

10. Do not enter.

11. white hand

12. Bound to be free

13 Mirage II

To see more of his art, check out his site